// good luck //
the fingertips mess with the symbols / push them around on the face of the lake / naiads frogmen wasted future traders / wade through the mud holding on to their stakes / sounding for consistant meaning / between the reeds in a bit of haste / let's get these all out into the open / leave them down there they'll just go to waste / the stories of how you fucked it all up / your recipes for annihilation / your parole applications / the parts where you wish us all good luck / type it up on your rusty typewriter / add it up on your difference machine / carve it from a piece of rotten driftwood / carve it into the frame of the screen / etch it into your withering skin / the story of how you fucked it all up / your recipe for annihilation / your parole application / the part where you wish us all good luck //
// dandelions //
// peach blossoms //
white frontiers dark alleys / hidden backdoors wide valleys /men in ties men in chains / women in robes can't explain / why they ve strapped them to those racks / dandelions growing from the cracks / roses & priests who pray for the drowned / cathedrals burning on screens with no sound / fountains awaiting the summer in vain / boys in love girls in pain / smell like peach blossoms / look like white tulips / touch like bone china / taste like red lipstick / smell like narcissus /look like boy soldier /touch like prone fascist/ taste like fetish toy //
// white tulips //
black tears strange ballets / out there off dover and calais / die like flies die in vain / you know the ropes the weak get slain / how they've stacked them on those wrecks / eye of a needle bottlenecks / dandelions growing on burial grounds / bodies sunk so deep they'll never be found / boys & girls on merry-go-rounds / saints ascending drones coming down / smell like / look like / touch like / taste like //
// love is like fish fingers //
our gaze is empty our vision's jaded / things are obscurely obliterated / we're just like our daddies complacently faded / & complicit ladies undress & fake it / show us their sweet spot uncover our weak spots / yet we are cowboys rode in on horse robots / so in the darkness we might find comfort / wearing the faces we pinched from the blind gods / in the dark lots with the blues singers / scratching our itch with their deft fingers / we try to forget but the taste lingers / love is like fish fingers / a shadow's crawling across the lake in the evening / & in the mountains a red rift is opening / & heading towards it robot harpies wily things / you can hear their wings but you can't see what they re carrying / could be anything //
// 1 grupi dada //
// smoking suit //
you've built your home there between the rocks / you took off your face and put on your best boots / we can see your body from our side of the road / staring at you from the holes in our heads / hands in our pockets while the chimneys spit soot/ as a sickly sun rises behind yearning dunes / & you raise an eyebrow in your morning suit / looks as if they'd been cut from a block of burnt wood / the colours are ugly but who needs to look / when the black diva sings all she needs is a tune / & the girls who have jumped all they care for is grace / a bit down the river flamingos watch slaves / & a steamboat that carries two figures away / between the warehouses where the fog shrouds the waves / we all dance to the rhythm of the dark idols' thumbs / travelling towards the rapids in a boat full of faith / with the moon sitting there like the slab on a tomb / & the ravens & the man who is a horse that is a wraith / have got lost in the infinite maze of your hood / right there in the center they all go up in flames / & you raise an eyebrow in your smoking suit //
// grace jones masks //
okay let's pave the way / let s draw those black lines where they belong / let's clothe the naked with pointy hats / & crochet caps & grace jones masks / tear down the walls / don't touch the columns / they hold up the heavens / they hold up the sky / late afternoon light / a boat on a river / birches & beeches / let's pave the way / let's draw those black lines where they belong / let's clothe the naked in grace jones masks //
// cracks //
the patterns on your skin / the pattern of your mind / the patterns on your bosom / the patterns left behind /the patterns you've inherited / the patterns you've designed / fire-breathing dragons / spells to crack the spells to bind / & behind the cracks there is nothing / behind the nothing we've built our shacks / between crumbling chunks of concrete / dark dumps toxic stacks / patterns running backwards / patterns running loops / around your neck around your thighs / the number of your troups / the spectres of the unborn / the names of the deceased / the numbers which all add up / to the number of the beast / they all add up to nothing / & behind that nothing we build our shacks / between crumbling chunks of concrete / dark dumps toxic stacks / crisis what crisis / shares are thriving / water's rising / we keep diving //
// dark patterns //
// gingers //
doing the splits / in the streets / probably a russian town / a goat looking out / from the first / floor of the shell of a house / a man with a flag / in the rain / a woman clutching a white stick / on a dirt road / winterboots / timber fence birches & clouds / two best friends / gingers both / holding each other / they don't know / they both have twins / their life has smothered / crouch down / in the mist / & have a smoke // it's a fine day / after all / look at the sea with your dog //
// goluboy //
// everything's gonna burn //
wash your hands in cool water / wash your face in cool water / drown your son drown your daughter / cleanse their souls in cool water / for the future you've bought from the hope pedlars' economy line / there'll be no sweet water / there'll be no mild weather / there'll be floods and burnt deserts / extinction will be unfettered / everything's gonna burn pixies told you so back in 89 / monkey is gone to heaven / monkey is gone //
// ox blood rain //
the torches have been broken / they ve been broken from the start / the nets don't hold together / the frame's been ripped apart / no speech just the unspoken / no writers what's to write / when there is no language / to explicate the fight / just ox blood rain gushing down from shattered skies / foreign pearls pouring out of tortured eyes / sweat & tears and a few contorted cries / soothe your pain with a few concocted lies / collaterally damaged / masses in your wake / you sweep them off your flat earth / see if they can find a stake / out there in the unconscious / where the tracks lead round & round / in a fucked up parousia / not a patch of solid ground / fuck your broken system / i can't fix it / fuck your deadly wound / just find a nurse who licks it / fuck your floods & your droughts / i can't stop them / find some gods to pray to / buy some goats & top them / fuck your forest fires / fuck your rising sea / your failing crops you've all been told / this is how it s gonna be / (september 1983) //
// white black gold //
white black gold / holy shit / your gods will drown / ours will burn //
// bobby brown //
// clouds //
i've filled up the lake / for you to bathe in / i've grown you a wood / with a brook to wade in / i've gathered the salts / so your sun can fade in / a sea spread out wide / softly undulating / if i'm a god and you're my love / then which of us is greater / if i make all these things for you / then who is their creator / i've carved out these peaks / for you to look down on / the plains i've scrubbed smooth / for your rain to fall down on / and this fog to soothe your eyes / i've brewed it up in my cauldron / to linger on your skin / kiss your thighs and enfold them / if i'm a god and bow to you / then which of us is greater / if i make all these things for you / then who is their creator / and maybe clouds are then machines / to elevate this body / towards your lips and other parts / and make us both feel godly //
// we ve outlined the structure //
// ashes & fallout //
we've outlined the structure / a mist and a fog / wrapped it up in your vapours / sunk it deep in my bog / an angels' kitchen / as glory goes / these are our symptoms / these are our ghosts / we love them dearly / floodlands & deserts / no need to choose / which side to buy in / either way you can't lose / cause you've lost it already / now there's two ways to die / drown or be scorched babe / freeze up or fry / ashes & fallout //